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Wine Tours – Chauffeur Services in Washington DC

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A chauffeured limo, luxury sedan, or party us from ABC Luxury Ride is the best way to tour the region’s incredible wineries. No need to bring a designated driver along to miss all the fun. With chauffeur services in Washington DC, everyone in your group can participate in wine tasting without worrying about how you’re getting home. Choose from an array of limos and luxury sedans, or rent a party bus in Maryland, DC, or Virginia.

Setting up a wine tour is easy

  • Choose the wineries you want to visit
  • Set your pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Relax and enjoy

Not sure where to go? Our limo service in Washington DC can help! With years of experience at wineries across Maryland and Virginia, we can help you plan a memorable wine tour. We know the best spots to stop for a picnic or elegant lunch. We know the “can’t miss” vineyards and the tasting rooms with the best views. Just give us your starting location, and we’ll plan a perfect day.

If you’re planning a wine tour while on a trip, you can take the quality of ABC Luxury Ride with you, all the way from here to Napa. Our affiliate partners will take good care of you.

Benefits of choosing ABC Luxury Ride for your wine tour:

  • Safe

    with ABC Luxury Ride, you don’t have to worry about driving after tasting a few wines.

  • Fun

    everyone can take part in the festivities.

  • Easy

    you don’t have to worry about following directions to find out-of-the-way wineries. We’ll get you there.

  • Customized

    we design your perfect wine touring day, with everything you want (and nothing you don’t).

  • Stylish

    there’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping out of a chauffeured limousine, luxury sedan, or party bus.

  • Dedicated

    unlike other limo services, we’ll always go the extra mile for our guests.